Revolutionizing Interface Design: Circular TFT LCD Knobs

2.1inch round knob

Today, we stand at the forefront of a new era in interface design, where circular TFT LCD knobs offer a seamless blend of tactile feedback and dynamic display capabilities. With sizes ranging from 1.28 inches to 2.1 inches, these knobs provide ample real estate for intuitive interaction while maintaining a compact form factor.

 Opportunities and Challenges: Overview of Touch Screen Industry Technology

capacitive touchscreen

Capacitive touch screens, known for their high sensitivity, good transparency, strong stability, long lifespan, and support for multi-touch, are the mainstream technology widely applied in smart consumer electronics, industrial medical equipment, smart homes, office equipment, and automotive electronics. Capacitive touch screens can be further classified into external and embedded types.

Which Round Display You Should Choose?

2.8inch round ips tft lcd display 480*480 rgb interface st7701s 2.76" lcd screen

In our daily life, most LCD products are square or rectangular, while relatively speaking, circular screens are relatively few. However, in recent years, with the change of people’s aesthetics and the emergence of various personal customization needs, circular LCD screens are also increasingly used in various fields, such as smart watches, smart wall clocks, electric […]

Incell Vs Oncell: Touchscreen Optical Bonding

incell vs oncell touchscreen

On cell adds a touch layer, and the thickness will be increased to a certain extent, and the display effect is limited. In cell embeds a touch sensor in the pixel, and the area that can be used for display will be reduced, which will lead to image quality degradation to a certain extent. However, this is not a serious problem and can be compensated by using a touch chip. If it goes on like this, either G + G or G + F, or OGS will eventually be replaced by on cell, while on cell is only the transition of in cell, and only in cell will survive in the end.

How To Distinguish Negative LCD Display and Positive LCD Display


Whatever TN LCD/STN screen, they usually have two display types: positive display type and negative display type. Today, I am going to use segment display and PMOLED display as examples to show you the differences between positive and negative liquid crystal displays.

Introduction of 15.6inch Transparent (EDP) LCD Display Screen


Transparent display screen, which belongs to a new type of liquid crystal display screen, the light transmittance is 10% to 15% when it is not powered on, and the light transmittance is as high as 90% when it is installed with lighting showcases when powered on.

IDC FutureScape: Top 10 Predictions for China’s Tablet PC Market in 2022

The demand for using tablet computers for entertainment, education and office caused by the epidemic has not been caused by the epidemic. The impact has decreased and there has been a significant decline. Consumers’ usage habits have gradually developed, and the frequency of use is higher than before the epidemic.

Microdisplay For AR VR HMD Devices


with the continuous development of micro-display technology in recent years, the next generation of VR/AR devices is expected to further reduce the size and weight, so as to truly have a veritable “glasses” appearance and become a fashionable consumer electronic product sought after by the public.

LCD OR OLED, Which One Is Better?

lcd vs oled

Currently in the mobile phone industry, the mainstream of mobile phone screen materials is LCD and AMOLED. Perhaps consumers can tell some basic characteristics of these two screens. For example, AMOLED screens have a wide color gamut and LCD screens are more mature. From a technical point of view, What is the difference between AMOLED and LCD screens?